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剧情介绍:  Get Smart, Again! is a made-for-TV movie based on the 1965-1970 NBC/CBS television series, Get Smart!, which originally aired February 26, 1989 on ABC (ironically, the network that rejected the original pilot for the Get Smart! TV series). It has subsequently been released twice on DVD by different publishers. In the video release of the movie, the background canned laughter (pre-recorded laughter added later to the soundtrack), is absent.  Overview  Differences between Get Smart, Again! and The Nude Bomb  The film is not as well known as the earlier theatrical release, The Nude Bomb, also based on Get Smart, but was better received by fans of the original program. Unlike The Nude Bomb, which featured only the characters of Smart, The Chief (with Dana Elcar replacing the deceased Edward Platt), Agent 13 (Dave Ketchum in the series, portrayed by Joey Forman in The Nude Bomb, who had played the character Harry Hoo in the series) and Larrabee, Get Smart, Again! featured all of the surviving original cast reprising their roles. The tone and feel of Get Smart, Again! were also closer to that of the original series. Get Smart, Again! was written and produced by Leonard Stern, who was a producer of the original series. One element of the Nude Bomb ignored completely was the renaming of CONTROL as PITS in the earlier film; although as CONTROL is said to have disbanded in the 1970s, it's not impossible for both CONTROL and PITS to exist within the continuity of the franchise.  Barbara Feldon's character, 99, makes a reference to T.H.R.U.S.H., the evil organization in The Man From U.N.C.L.E., a show on which Feldon guest-starred.  Theme music  Get Smart, Again! also reprises the TV program's original theme music and opening credit sequence, which were absent from The Nude Bomb. In this case, however, the corridors were covered in cobwebs and the phone-booth elevator that led to CONTROL headquarters worked in reverse, causing Smart to be thrown to the top of the booth.  Synopsis  Maxwell Smart, acting as a protocol officer since CONTROL was disbanded in the early 1970s, is reactivated as a counterintelligence agent by Commander Drury (Kenneth Mars) of the United States Intelligence Agency. KAOS, long considered defunct, has been revitalized by a corporate takeover. Its first scheme involves turning a forgotten American scientist and using his weather control machine to extort 0 billion US dollars from the United States Government. Drury, convinced that only Smart has the expertise to combat KAOS, gives him carte blanche to reactivate former CONTROL agents to assist him in his task. Along with Drury's bumbling aide, Beamish (Steve Levitt), Smart recruits Larrabee (who, believing that he was under orders from Richard Nixon to stay at his post until relieved, has been living in his office in the now-abandoned CONTROL headquarters tending his office plants), Agent 13, Hymie the Robot (now employed as a crash test dummy) and ultimately, his wife 99 (Barbara Feldon) to find the security leak that allowed the scientist to defect, locate the weather machine and disarm it. They are opposed by KAOS moles within the USIA, who are able to predict Max's every move with the aid of stolen copies of 99's unpublished memoirs. The visible head of the KAOS scheme is revealed to be Max's old nemesis, Siegfried, but he is merely the agent of a higher executive whom even he has never met. This higher power is finally revealed as Nicholas Demente (Harold Gould), 99's publisher, who intends not only to extort the money but also to create weather that will keep people eternally indoors and interfere with television reception, forcing millions to entertain themselves by buying Demente's books and publications.  Comedic style  The script is littered with typical Maxwell Smart verbal gags, and large portions of the plot serve only as set ups for Get Smart!-style sight gags (such as a duel between Max and a KAOS hitman using remote controlled file cabinet drawers). The film also features the array of bizarre gadgetry and political satire that were hallmarks of the original series. The cone of silence has been superseded by "Hover Cover" where a meeting is held on a rooftop with three helicopters hovering overhead. The failure of Hover Cover leads to the development of "The Hall Of Hush",a soundproof room where words print out silently in mid air, a success at first until the words begin to print forward, backward and on top of each other.  Max changes the well known quote "Dr. Livingstone I Presume" to "Dr. Hottentot I Presume".  1995 revival  The relative success of the film prompted the development of a short-lived 1995 weekly series on FOX, also titled Get Smart, with Don Adams and Barbara Feldon reprising their characters as their bumbling son, Zach (Andy Dick), becomes CONTROL's star agent.  原班人马啊,好想看。TAT
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剧情介绍:  本片日语片名为西班牙音乐家萨拉塞蒂一九○四年演奏的唱片名,原著是黑泽明绝笔《夕阳正红》主人公、随笔家内田百闲的小说《萨拉塞蒂的唱片》,影片中这张唱片及其音乐出现在主人公青地丰二郎的家中,他那位放荡的妻子放的。青地是陆军学校的德语教师,由清顺所欣赏的中年导演藤田敏八扮演,他身材壮阔,穿着厚重的呢子西装,酷似俄罗斯人。原田芳雄所饰演的浪子中砂与青地算是旧识,但他玩世不恭,似乎没有一点正经,只喜欢追逐女人,也只有女人能让他兴奋起来。两人在旅馆中结识了艺妓小稻,看上去她对青地有意,青地也喜欢她,却不知为什么不肯和她接近,结果让中砂厚着脸皮搞到手了。青地和中砂各有妻子,青地上门做客时,赫然发现中砂的妻子园与艺妓小稻相貌一模一样,均由大谷直子扮演。园也爱上了青地,青地还是不肯接近她,她产下孩子失意而死,小稻很快来接替她成了中砂的妻子。中砂有了温暖的家却心不在此而属意流浪,青地妻子的妹妹在医院中告诉青地,说病中曾见姐姐与中砂在面前有亲热举动。中砂离家流浪,埋在樱花下的沙地里,只露出头,死了,不远处是一男一女两个年幼盲童的歌声。清顺复出后真正完全启用旧班底的本片,很难用语言复述,通篇是用惊人影像营造起来的一个梦境,这梦境有清顺对死亡的幻觉和敬畏,像中砂死在樱花下、埋在沙砾中,像两男一女卖唱行乞的盲艺人,情敌决斗以竹杖相互敲头将对方敲进沙滩的沙屑中,女人弹着琵琶坐着木桶被海水吞没,带着意蕴深远的迷醉情绪;有富于象征性的奇观、恐惧、情欲,以及妖艳的媚笑也复不少,但看的人很难从中理出路数来,不明其所谓,只好去看色彩、布料、置景、道具极度富有的美感和质感,那白色洋房外表、花纹壁纸为里的青地家住宅,还有在砂家青色竹席、总是有火锅热气腾腾日本式住房,极富20世纪10-20年大正时代的特色。将观众的注意力牢固吸引于杰出的形式美,这正是清顺“浪漫三部曲”的目的。